Indoor vs outdoor workout: Know which works better for you

Regular physical exercise can help prevent and control a number of chronic diseases, including cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and further improve musculoskeletal health, weight control, motor skills of children along with mental health problems.

However, global estimates show that about a quarter of adults aged 18 and over are underactive. Physical inactivity accounts for nine per cent of premature deaths worldwide,î said Amaresh Ojha, Business Head, RoundGlass Gympik. Additionally, the pandemic forced people to stay indoors which, in turn, opened the avenue for indoor workouts. But it led to the question ó are indoor workouts as effective as outdoor workouts?

Here is how one can choose between indoor or outdoor workouts based on their preferences, mentioned Ojha.
Sunlight boosts mood by helping produce key vitamins. A study of people who exercised outdoors reported that they had increased energy, decreased hunger, and felt rejuvenated overall. Compared to those who exercised indoors, they were also more likely to exercise again. So going outside with adequate precautionary measures is a great motivation.

Vitamin D absorption
Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium which keeps the bones healthy. It is produced when the body is exposed to sun. This is especially important for women who have an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Provides adrenaline rush

Running on the treadmill may feel monotonous. On the other hand, while exercising in the open, a person can run through their favourite parks or streets. But, some major problems with outdoor exercising is excess heat, pollution, and high temperatures.

Indoor workout

Group fitness courses
One can easily be a part of group activities such as yoga, laughter club, etc. Additionally, you can do sports workouts offered by certified professionals online. Exercising under wrong guidance or training can cause serious injury and sometimes does not help reap the full benefits of the form of exercise.

Personal trainers

They understand your requirements and then suggest which exercise can effectively help you reach your goal, namely: weight loss, muscle gain, or simply to maintain health and fitness.
Since personal trainers are certified professionals, they have the expertise to guide you in the best possible way and help you reach your fitness goals.


Going to a well-equipped gym with various types of modern facilities is a good reward. ìOne of the major problems with gym workouts is gymtimidation (gym intimidation), for those who feel uncomfortable in exercising in front of several people. But this is easy to overcome with proper guidance from your instructor or trainer,î said Ojha.

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