Keep hunger pangs away with this delightful Bengali street food

Jhal muri is a popular snack that is quite famous on the streets of Kolkata. It is not just light and delicious, but also very easy to make. If you are looking to make something to keep those evening hunger pangs away, you must try this quick recipe today.

Made with puffed rice, it is a spicy and tangy snack that is loved by everyone. Chef Ranveer Brar took to Instagram to share a delightful recipe of jhal muri. Take a look.

Here’s how you can make jhal muri at home easily.


For Bhaja Masala

*1 tbsp – Cumin seeds
*1 tbsp – Fennel seeds
*1 tsp – Coriander seeds
*2-3 – Green cardamom
*A pinch of salt

For Jhalmuri

*1 cup – Puffed rice
*2 tbsp – Chana jor garam
*2 tbsp – Sev
*1 fresh – Green chilli (chopped)
*1 tbsp – White peas (boiled)
*1 tbsp – Black chickpeas (soaked)
*2 tbsp – Onion (chopped)
*2 tbsp – Tomato (chopped)
*1 tsp – Bhaja masala
*½ – Small potato (boiled & chopped)
*2 tbsp – Mustard oil from pickle
*Salt to taste
*1 tbsp – Fresh coconut (chopped)


  1. For bhaja masala, dry roast all the ingredients until fragrant. Grind it into a fine powder after it’s cooled down.
  2. For jhalmuri, mix all the ingredients one by one in a bowl and serve immediately.

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