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For a lot of us, tea time is synonymous with not just our regular cuppa but also munchies and snacks including rusks, cookies, and namkeen. However, before reaching out for an extra helping of calorie-laden snacks, it is important to ask yourself if you are really that hungry, or just want it like that?

Food therapist Dr Ria Banerjee Ankola recently took to Instagram to share how people often snack unnecessarily even if they are not hungry, a common issue that leads to weight gain.

“You seriously don’t need a nashta or snack always with your tea and coffee,” she said.

Add on a snack only if you are hungry. “Otherwise give rest to your digestive system from the unnecessary eating,” she mentioned.

How can one stay away from unnecessary munching?

According to Dr Ria, one should focus on eating their meals right. “The human body was designed to stay active all day, eat sumptuous meals when hungry, and rest when you are tired. It’s that simple,” she said while sharing that she snacks, but “not everyday”.

“I always ask myself if I am actually hungry before I pick up a snack,” she shared.


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